Hi there! I’m Tammy, the new admin here at chriswoodfan.com. Bare with me as I bring the site current with all the new Chris news and photos. Keep checking back for all kinds of new goodies.

Also, seeing as I currently have no way to make screencaps, I am looking for someone who has the time and is willing to give me a hand with screencapping for the site.

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    1. You mean from the contact page? I’m in the process of getting the site/info updated as we speak. I took over ownership of three sites at the same time, so it’s taking me a bit to get everything up and going. I will get that changed quickly though.

        1. I am so sorry I haven’t cleared this issue up yet. I am having issues logging onto cpanel so that I can create an email address for the site, and it won’t allow me to remove the current email without a new one. I have contacted someone to help me resolve the issue. As soon as I can log onto my cpanel, I will fix this right up!

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