New Comic-Con images

I found a few new comic-con images of chris. Hope you guys enjoy these. For those wondering, I am still working on getting screencaptures ready to be posted. Once again, it’s very time consuming, please be patient.

Supergirl Comic-Con Press Line || July 22

Supergirl Comic-Con Panel || July 22

Brand New Site & Gallery Theme

So, something I’ve been working on in the shadows is trying to get a new theme for the site. I had gotten free theme from a designer, but for reasons I won’t say, it ended up needing to be taken down. I had really liked that theme as well. I also contacted a friend who is much better with the workings of photoshop than I am (even though I’ve been using it for years!) but she has gotten far too busy with RL stuff to make me a header for the site, which is really all I needed.

After much debate on whether or not I could create an header image that I actually liked, I decided to dabble with photoshop today, and created something that I didn’t hate. The theme is a pre-made that was free to use, and the credit is given to the original designer. The only thing that I claim to be mine is the header image.

I’d love to know if you guys like this new design or not. Also, if anyone out there is any good with PS and would like to help me out in the future with header design, that would be great.

Chris attends Comic-Con

I have added several new, and HQ images of Chris with his co-stars of Supergirl, laughing it up at Comic-Con this past weekend. I think that more than confirms that Mon-El will be back at some point during Supergirl’s 3rd season. Hopeful he will show up at the beginning.

Supergirl Press Line || July 22
Supergirl Panel || July 22
SiriusXM Radio @ Comic-Con || July 22
Nintendo Switch Lounge
Robby Klein Comic-Con Portrait

I am still working on organizing screencaptures to finish out the Supergirl season. Please bare with me, as it is a very time consuming job.

Chris on set of “Supergirl”

I’ve added 3 shiny, new HQ’s of Chris on the set of Supergirl back on April 25th, to the gallery.

Also, want to apologize for the lack of updates. Have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I have a ton of Supergirl screencaps to go through and upload. I’m also looking into interviews & press appearances that haven’t been posted yet. So, keep an eye out for new stuff!